Quality Assurance Policy

To perpetuate our reputable position in the construction sector of TURKEY by continually focusing on the "Quality" aspect of our work.

To encourage and support the efforts and works of our employees in order to raise the level of "Quality" to a higher grade. To be highly selective in personel recruitment and only employ appropriately trained experienced personnel, and to only engage with the firms that supply quality construction materials.

To carry out and complete the contracted works without any deviation from our "Quality" standards.

To stay current with all advances and developments in construction Technologies and to make necessary modifications to our construction methodologies accordingly.

To identify the benefits of new construction materials produced in Turkey or elsewhere, and recommend the use of such appropriate materials to employers in the design and implementation stages.

To execute all aspects of our work, from the initial development to finalization, without any deficiencies and to deliver the completed project(s) to employers fully operational and guaranteed.

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